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Never Lose Your Hearing Aids Again

Are you terrified about losing your hearing aids? 

Do they fall out when taking your mask off?

Do you hate the nerves felt when trying to find them?

Stop these frustrations with a ClipAid!

Save Yourself A Fortune

Protect your expensive investment. 

Prevent replacement costs due to lost hearing aids.

Gain Confidence In Public

Your ClipAid adds more security as your hearing aids will feel much more secure.

“So easy to use”

1. Stretch the plastic loop around your hearing aid

2. Put your hearing aid into your ear

 3. Open the clip

4. Clip to the back of your clothing

The stretchy silicone loops fit all sizes of BTE and RIC hearing aids.

ClipAid works with 2 hearing aids at the same time.


Material: Nylon 

Colour: Grey

Weight: 20g 



1x - ClipAid

1x - CarryCase

2x - 7MM Silicone Loops

2x - 9MM Silicone Loops

Try Yours With Our 90 Day Try On Trial (money back guarantee)

We want you to try these (completely at our risk) because we understand the pain losing hearing aids can cause.

We are confident you will LOVE your ClipAid!

Because of this, if you’re not 100% happy, we offer a 90 Day Try On Trial (Money Back Guarantee). We won’t even ask you to go through the hassle of returning it.

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