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Have Peace Of Mind Never Stressing About Foggy Glasses Again!

Do you get frustrated when your glasses fog up? Imagine the peace of mind you would have never having to deal with that again…
Work all day wearing a mask? This is a no brainer as foggy glasses won’t annoy you ever again.
You’ll be so relieved with your FoggyWipe™.

Why Is FoggyWipe Better Than Other Anti-Fog Products?

Disposable Wipes - Use 1 time (expensive)

FoggyWipe - Reuse 700 times

Sprays - Inconvenient to carry (leaks)

FoggyWipe - Pouch fits in pocket or handbag

If you’ve tried other products promising to stop your glasses fogging up, you may have found that wasn’t the case.

There’s 1 fundamental problem with most anti-fog products. 

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. 

FoggyWipe works every time for up to 48 hours - which is why thousands of people love it.

Why & How FoggyWipe™ Is Different From Other Anti-Fog Products

FoggyWipe cloths contain special anti-fogging chemical agents (developed by NASA!). When used, these transfer onto the glasses lenses.

These chemical agents minimise surface tension as much as possible. 

Surface tension = how easily condensation droplets (or “fog'') build up. (In this case, on glasses lenses).

Most anti-fog products just reduce surface tension, which is why the results can be inconsistent.

Because of this, FoggyWipe will work with:

- Glasses

- Safety goggles

- Plastic visors

- Motorcycle helmets

- Swimming goggles (even when used in the water!)

And more!

We know this sounds too good to be true. You’re right to be skeptical.

Frankly, everyone starts off as a skeptic about FoggyWipe, but those who try it, usually end up loving it…

How to Use FoggyWipe™ For The Best Results

  1. Exhale on both sides of the lens.
  2. Wipe fogged area for 10 seconds.
  3. Keep FoggyWipe™ stored in pouch for reuse.

It's like a normal glasses cleaning cloth. Just clean your glasses like you normally do.

Your glasses will now be fog-free for up to 48 hours! 

FoggyWipe can be reused 700 times.

90 Day Wipe Trial - no returns - Money Back Guarantee

We make big claims. We do it with confidence because we’ve seen hundreds of people go from skeptics to fans of FoggyWipe.

We want to save you from foggy glasses stress. Which is why, we want to remove all risk when you try our product.

Order today and if you’re not 100% happy, just send us an email and we’ll give you a full refund. We won’t ask you to go through the hassle of returning it.

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