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FoggyWipe™ (For Motorcycle Riders)

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Stop Foggy Glasses Stress when Riding

Have you ever cracked open your visor (to keep your glasses from fogging), and then rain got onto your glasses? 

With your FoggyWipe™ you’ll be able to stop at the lights, (not open your visor) and have perfectly clear vision.

Use on Your Visor

FoggyWipe™ can be used for glasses, motorcycle visors, safety goggles and more!

We have beautifully engineered an anti-fog solution into the FoggyWipe™ - a dry cloth which feels like fluffy suede.

This solution (developed by NASA!) stops condensation droplets which resemble fog, by minimising surface tension.

In plain english… fog can’t build up on a surface that’s been wiped with a FoggyWipe™.

Enjoy Riding With Peace Of Mind

Have you had to pull over just to wipe your glasses or visor? 

Stop that frustration with a FoggyWipe™!

Feel Safer on The Road

Stop potential close calls or major scares (due to fogged up glasses) from happening when riding.

You can have confidence knowing it’s the only anti-fog product rated Excellent on TrustPilot!

Reuse 700 Times

It works just like a normal glasses cleaning cloth.

A 10 second wipe will stop your lenses fogging for up to 48 hours.

Each FoggyWipe™ can be reused 700 times (lasting up to 1400 days!)

FREE 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love yours.

If you are not 100% happy, we offer a 90 Day Wipe Trial - no returns - Money Back Guarantee

Just email us ( saying you want a refund. One of our customer service representatives will confirm, and process a full refund within 48 hours. (Please email us if you have any questions.)

We would hate for you to lose or forget your FoggyWipe™.

Have 4 in multiple places, or give 1 to another rider.

(FoggyWipe™ is only available at


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